Ciao Bella!

Hello, friends of FCM!

I am posting today to let you know that I will be moving to Northern Italy in August of 2016. My husband Peter signed a 2-yr contract as a nurse there, so I will be changing gears and moving the family to Bella Italia for a while :)

My friend and colleague Missy will take over this practice and move its base to Hernando, MS, while I am gone.

She will oversee the advancement of our three midwife students Toni Hill, Lanai Fields and Elizabeth Jolly and support them in completing their journey to midwifery.

I will miss Memphis and the Birthing Community here SO MUCH; I have nothing but gratitude for each of "our" families that allowed me to share their most special moments and invited me into their homes. 

Alas, I will be back at some point to continue the midwifery journey in Memphis.       

Until then, I know you will be in good hands, and:


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