Full Circle Care Team


Our team consists of four fully trained staff members. We each have various certifications and passions that bring us together to be the best care team we can be. Our goal is to offer families a choice in the matter of their baby’s birth. Together we can establish a care plan that provides your family with joy, reassurance, and protection. We are here to listen to the wishes of mothers and bring children into the world in safe and peaceful environments.



Missy Padgett


Melissa Padgett (Missy) is a Certified Professional Midwife and mother of four kids who have grown faster than she could have guessed! The three boys: Jacob, Beckett, and Adam were all home born and welcomed their sister through adoption from beautiful China. The two youngest are still in high school and thriving. Her husband since 1993 (Clark Padgett) is her supporter and a believer in birth no less than she is.

Missy has always felt empowered by birth from her own first birth in 1995, through 13 years of supporting mothers as a doula, her apprenticeship starting in 2009, and each time she is honored to witness a brave new mother meet her child for the first time. The beauty of this natural wonder and her complete faith that it works is what keeps her going!

She is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in General Studies with emphasis on Biology, Psychology, and Sociology which all inform her work in midwifery. She serves the Mississippi Midwives Alliance as the northern region’s director. She is a member of the Tennessee Midwive’s Association as well. She holds a Tennessee State CPM license and maintains the requirements for that including NARM CPM certification, Bridge Certificate, CPR, and neonatal resuscitation (NRP) certification.


Martina Benson


In 1994, Martina graduated from a three year midwifery program from the Universitätsklinikum in Mainz, Germany. That same year she moved to Memphis to marry her love Peter and has been a midwife ever since! She received midwifery certification in Tennessee in 1995, licensure in 1997 and finished her Nursing Degree in 2007.

She has two daughters, both currently pursuing degrees at the University of Memphis.
She believes in the sanctity of uninterrupted birth as a right of passage for a woman and her family. Being with women on their journey to motherhood brings her joy.

Over the years, she has served as Western Tennessee Representative and Secretary for the Tennessee Midwives Association, having been a member since 1994.

She has attended over 1000 births, primarily in the home, but also in hospital and birth center settings.

When not attending births, she likes to be active outdoors and, time permitting, explore the world. 

As a family, they have lived in Germany and recently, Italy.


Amy White


Amy lives in Coldwater Mississippi with her husband, Joel, and is raising eight children through a combination of birth, adoption, and foster care. She gave birth in the hospital and has come to home birth practice through study and experience supporting and caring for women.

She has been a registered nurse since 1997, and worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 12 years before she joined Full Circle Midwifery. She has a Masters Degree in midwifery with a CNM credential from Frontier Nursing and is pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She maintains  a certification in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. She volunteers in her community teaching infant CPR and breast-feeding education. Amy loves to give women evidence-based guidance and enable them to have true informed consent surrounding decisions they make about their care. She also really adores newborn babies!

She loves the outdoors, camping, horseback riding and spending time on the river. She enjoys reading and karaoke, and just spending time with her children.


Lanai Fields


Lanai lives in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area.  She is married to Kenny who supports her faithfully  in realizing her dreams. They have two children, Azlyn and Josiah, both born naturally. Her second birth was a beautiful home birth.

Her homebirth inspired her to get involved with birth work and she received doula and childbirth education training through CAPPA. She has been apprenticing since 2013 with two midwifery practices serving four states. She is a fitness instructor teaching Barre and Pilates and a health and wellness coach through Arbonne. Lanai loves caring for and empowering women throughout the childbearing year. Her goal of attaining her certified professional midwife credential is within sight, as she plans to take her exam by the end of 2018. She keeps a current certification in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation.

She enjoys the outdoors and nature and when she gets a chance to get away that’s where she goes. She is a foodie and enjoys preparing and eating good food. She values time with family and friends highly.